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Hematologist Near Me

Dr Pietro Di Ciaccio: Blood Specialist in Canberra

If you're searching for a haematologist near me or live in or near Canberra or Goulburn, call Dr Pietro Di Ciaccio. He is a blood specialist in the ACT who specializes in various types of malignant, including lymphoma, non-malignant and obstetric haematology. Dr Di Ciaccio is your haematologist near me. Dr Di Ciaccio Has a particular expertise in lymphoma. His experience spans lymphoma, myeloma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, myelodysplastic disorders, cellular therapies, and clinical trials. Additionally, his primary focus of research regards lymphoma in immunosuppressed patients, using bone marrow transplantation for patient with lymphoma, and caring for pregnant women with a lymphoma diagnosis.


Dr Di Ciaccio is a blood specialist who provides haematology consultation services across Canberra and the southern highlands including The Canberra Hospital. What's more, he holds a monthly clinic in Goulburn, located in New South Wales, and works as a hematopathologist at Capital Pathology. 


Are you searching for a haematologist near me with years of experience treating patients with Lymphoma? Dr Di Ciaccio is a caring and compassionate blood specialist in Canberra. Ask your doctor for a referral to see the Dr Di Ciaccio, and one of our helpful staff will schedule an appointment for you.

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